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Mazda MX5 Luggage & Boot Racks


  Mazda MX5 luggage & boot rackrevo-rack mazda mx5 luggage rackmx5 luggage rack black

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Mazda MX5 Luggage Racks

We stock modern, revolutionary and classic designs of luggage rack for the Mazda MX5. We believe the best Mazda MX5 luggage racks in the world are made in Italy with design attention to detail and quality that only the continentals can do.

We are the sole UK importers of the Spring model range. They fit the Mazda MX5 MK1,MK2,MK2.5 & MK3 with some care the rack can fit the Roadster Coupe.

We also manufacture our own luggage rack for the MX5 the Revo-Rack this attaches using vacuum cups without clamps brackets, straps or bolts. Paint damage is impossible.

If you want more of a classic look we also stock UK made luggage racks for the Mazda MX5 MK1 & MK2 only.

The Spring Luggage Rack Range for MK1,MK2 & MK3 Mazda MX5's

The Spring model comes in two finishes Stainless Steel and Matt Black.

Matt Black Model £149.95

Stainless Steel Model £179.95

The rack is 108x42cm in size and can fit any boot-lid between 100cm/39" & 135cm/53" in width. What's most impressive about this rack is the quality of the finish, and the simple but very effective design the rack uses to attach to the boot lid. The rack has four feet that can swivel and simply clamp onto the edge of your boot-lid. The fixing points the feet attach to simply slide along the rails and like the feet are held in place with a bolt.  These racks are designed to carry a load of 20-25kg.

These racks won't fit the MK4 as the panel gap is too small, the clamp won't fit between the boot lid and rear wing.

Please watch the video below which demonstrates the Spring Range for the Mazda MX5 MK1 MK2 & MK3


close up of luggage rack fixings on mazda mx5






Revo-Rack Mazda MX5 Luggage Rack £229.95

This rack manufactured by us in the UK is made from 25mm Aluminium & Magnesium tube and thus the frame only weighs 1.7kg ( after all the effort Mazda went to, too reduce weight we thought it improper to place a large heavy stainless steel rack on your MX5 MK4 ) The design of this rack allows it to fit in under 30 seconds, no bolts, no brackets, no straps and no paint damage.

Revo-Rack uses vacuum cup technology originally developed in the 1960's to hold film cameras to cars and still in use today.

The rack sits on three 120mm vacuum cups these are rated as being able to hold an 18kg load each. Vacuum cups are much much stronger than suction cups.

Vacuum cups employ the force of atmospheric pressure to grip a surface: When a vacuum exists between the cup and the surface on which it is attached, the weight of Earth's atmosphere holds the cup in place with incredible force.

Unlike suction cups that produce a vacuum as they pull away from the surface, Revo-Racks vacuum cups use a hand-actuated pump to efficiently remove air from between the rubber pad and the attaching boot/trunk lid thus creating a much more reliable hold. Because the full face of the pad is brought into contact with the boot/trunk lid, distortion is reduced, allowing the cup to be used with very little risk of damage.

  • Measures 900x 420mm

  • Sits 75mm off the boot lid

  • Can be fitted with the hoop at rear or front of boot lid

  • Conceived and designed for the MX5

  • Can carry 20-25kg

  • Does not obscure third brake light

  • Fitted and removed in seconds without tools


Vacuum cups are incredibly strong

mazda mx5 rf luggage rack

Revo-Rack fits the RF but it's not possible to operate the roof, however its one minute to pop the rack off operate and re fit

mx5 na mk1 luggage rack

Revo-Rack even fits the MK1/NA.

The rack can be fitted with the hoop at the back or front, there is no right or wrong just personal preference.

buy a mazda mx5 revo rack luggage rack now




The Classic Luggage Rack Range for the Mazda MX5 MK1 & MK2

The classic range comes in two models with aluminium cross rails or wood :

Classic chrome wood £119.95

Classic chrome £114.95

Both racks measure 89cm x 46cm x 11cm, and can be fitted temporarily using the fitting kit supplied alternatively they can be permanently attached as all four legs and threads within. ** These luggage racks do not fir the Mazda MX5 Roadster Coupe **

Both models are held in stock and can be delivered within 48 hours.

close up of mazda mx5 mk3 luggage rackmazda mx5  luggage rack fixings close up



Please watch the video below which demonstrates the Classic Range for the

Mazda MX5

mazda mx5 mk2 luggage boot rack

Spring stainless steel luggage rack fits MK1 MK2 MK3

mazda mx5 luggage rack mk2

Spring black luggage rack fitted to MK2 Mazda MX5

mazda mx5 mk3 luggage rack

Spring black luggage rack for Mazda MX5 £149.95 Fits MK1 Mk2 MK3

mazda mx5 mk2 luggage rack

Fits with most spoilers

mazda mx5 mk3 luggage boot rack

Spring stainless steel luggage rack on MX5 MK3 £179.95



mazda mx5 mk4 luggage rack revo rack


mx5 mk4 nd rf luggage rack

Fits RF & ND / MK4

Its virtually impossible for soft vacuum cups to damage paint

mazda mx5 roadster coupe luggage rack

Revo-Rack luggage rack for the MK3 Roadster Coupe £229.95

mx5 mk2 luggage rack revo rack

mx5 mk3 luggage rack revo rack

Revo-Rack Fits all MX5 models

buy a mazda mx5 revo rack luggage rack now


mazda mx5 luggage rack in chrome retro design

Classic Chrome Luggage Rack for the Mazda MX5 £114.95

mazda mx5 mk1 luggage rack in chrome and wood

Classic Chrome & Wood Luggage Rack for the Mazda MX5 £119.95



                 Mazda MX5 Luggage Rack Evolved


The innovative boot-bag luggage rack alternative also fits the Mazda MX5 and has been manufactured by our sister company since 2008 with thousands sold worldwide. To our knowledge a boot-bag has never damaged a cars boot lid. If you buy a car luggage rack you still need to purchase a waterproof luggage bag. Boot-bag does both jobs for half the cost of a rack alone.

The straps simply loop around your Mazda MX5's boot lid negating the need for a rack.

Advantages of this luggage rack system for the Mazda MX5

  • Fully Waterproof

  • Attaches using soft webbing so no damage to paint

  • Sits on a soft non slip fabric

  • 14 day no quibble money back guarantee.

  • 15,000 sold globally since 2008

  • Folds flat for easy storage, can be removed in minutes and stored inside if you stop.

  • Saves Money ; half the price of a rack and waterproof holdall/suitcase

  • Hand made in the UK since 2008 tried and tested design.

    There are two sizes in the boot-bag range :

    original  - £98.95  (shown here on the MK2 MX5 ) - 50 Litres of additional luggage capacity  measures 70x36x20cm ( 28"x15"X8") giving 50 litres (1.75 cubic feet) of additional storage. The soft non slip mat the bag sits on is slightly bigger measuring 80x40cm.

    vacation - £118.95  - (shown on the blue MK2 MX5 & MK3 Roadster) 75 Litres of additional luggage capacity, 50% larger than the boot-bag original measuring 90x40x20cm. (36"x16"x8") The soft mat measures 90x45cm.


Mazda MX5  luggage rack bootbag hand made

All boot-bags are hand made for us in Buckinghamshire UK, our idea, our design, our patent, our manufacture. No one else makes boot-bags.




soft anti slip matting for bootbag luggage rack system on mazda mx5Boot-bag sits on an anti slip fabric this protects your MX5's paintwork the mat is 4mm thick, its 'squashy' and is 'anti slip' so it stays in place.







mazda mx5 roadster luggage rack

On most occasions its still possible to lower the roof on the Roadster Coupe with the bag on the boot ( not possible with a rack )








zip detail of bootbag luggage rack for mazda mx5Boot-bag has a large flap held in place with Velcro that sits over the zip to ensure no water gets through the tiny holes in the zip. The zip has two buckles and can be padlocked for security.






bootbag luggage rack system for mazda mx5

All fixings are attached to two circles on the top of the bag, these are sown on then high frequency welded so no water can enter the bag, its fully waterproof







inside of bootbag luggage rack

The bag is one compartment inside with a zip on three sides, the clear  plastic that's welded over the stitches can clearly be seen.






how the bootbag lugagge rack attaches to a mazda mx5

The straps attach to the boot-bag using ladder lock fittings, these are found on rucksacks, bags etc. The harder the straps are pulled the tighter the joint becomes, as long as the straps are tight, the boot-bag is not going to move. The straps can each hold 500kg.






bootbag luggage rack on a boot lid perfect for mazda mx5

Boot-bag  has a detachable shoulder strap, so you can arrive at your destination attach and carry the bag off like a normal holdall.

shoulder strap for bootbag luggage rack







optional third brake light on mazda mx5 luggage rack

Optional third brake light for cars where the bag will obscure the light attaches to the top of the bag.






strapping system for bootbag mazda mx5 luggage rack

boot-bag  has no clips or hooks and simply attaches using webbing, no paint chips here ! The webbing won't move neither will the mat so there is no risk of any damage to your MX5's paintwork.




mazda mx5 luggage rack vacation

boot-bag vacation fitted to MX5 MK3


mazda mx5 lugagge rack nc mk3

our boot-bags are fine on 2000 mile + continental tours

and 7000 miles across Australia

mazda mx5 mk2 luggage rack


mx5 mk4 luggage rack

boot-bag original Mazda MX5 MK4 luggage rack

mazda mx5 luggage rack
boot-bag vacation Mazda MX5 MK2 luggage rack


How the Boot-bag works :

car luggage rack



mazda mx5 lugagge rack ayres rock

boot-bag original on MK2 Turbo at Ayres rock / Uluru

mazda mx5 luggage rack nd mk4

     boot-bag vacation MX5 luggage rack fitted to the MK4/ND


 Customer Feedback on boot-bag

bootbag fitted to mk3 mazda mx5 ccWe have just returned from 2000 miles of roof down driving in France and would like to thank you for an excellent product. The bag fitted in minutes and never moved, what a great design and so easy to remove at the end of the day. To raise the roof on our MX5 Roadster Coupe all we had to do was slacken two of the straps, move the full bag 2 inches backwards and then operate the roof, very easy. Many thanks  John B 5.7.11



mazda mx5 lugagge rack ayres rockHi Here's one of the photos taken at uluru/ayres rock northern territory Australia. We did 12,000 klm in 6 weeks in all kind of conditions from start up a very cold and chilly -4 c when we left central NSW to a rather stuffy hot andhumid 36 c temperature in kakadu park northern territory plus the dusty dirt tracks of the outback central Australian roads.

Good news too as the boot bag never let us down at any time. We travelled in harsh conditions dust, rain wind and best new of all it held rock steady in the territories open speed limit section at 220 kph.  Julia  10.8.15



audi tt with bootbag car luggage rack system fittedMy name is Fred Taggerty, I recently purchased one of your boot bag vacations. I have travelled from Scotland to Turkey with it. It has done a fantastic job, been through rain and snow no problems at all, everything was clean and dry. Easy to remove and put back on at all the stops, just like a big holdall...great invention, my girlfriend would not have managed half her stuff (hairdryers, shoes, bags etc...) without it...  feel free to use this email in your testimonials... All the best for the future. 30.4.13



smart roadster with bootbag car luggage rack fitted

hi  I just wanted to say how happy we are with our purchase ! We drove 3500km for a great holiday which was only possible because of our boot-bag ! I contemplated replacing my car until I found your website! We drove through all weather in our Smart Roadster from sunshine to snow and the contents were nice and dry. The bag is securely fastened at speeds and is quickly positioned and removed !  Daniel Gatt 10.3.13


2011 and 1978 aston martin convertibles with bootbag car luggage racks fittedThanks for sending the boot-bag so promptly Liza. We were really impressed with it Ė it survived a torrential downpour on our trip down to Le Mans, and it suited the car quite well (see photo)! Canít believe I didnít think of this idea years ago when I was driving around in an MG Midget! Chris 17.6.11



audi a5 cabriolet with bootbag vacation luggage rack fitted

Hi I have some photos for you ..They were taken in Igoumeniza Greece in September on my Audi A5 Cabriolet and it worked very well! Its next outing is at Christmas when I am going back from Aix en Provence to collect our children and bring them back for Christmas. The Boot Bag means we will not be full of bags in the car. Best wishes Tim




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